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    Taier VIP customers Association

    发布时间:2014-10-29 浏览量:637

    Jiangsu Taier Novel Material Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred as “TAIER”), is located in Jiangsu province. As a high-tech enterprise , it’s specialized in studying. Exploring and manufacturing varieties of novel wax materials. It has advanced international-level capability of product research and development and also has advanced full-sale customer service system. TAIER got ISO9001 and ISO14001 from SGS in past few years. Began taking on the work of drafting nation and industry standards of related products since 2009. Up to now, TAIER has developed more than 160 kinds of products, Which mainly including Waxes for automotive industry, food and packaging industry, special precision casting wax, elevator bridge with surface of steel wire rope grease, electronic dipping wax, aircraft and high-speed emu surface cleaning wax, etc.Company product applications involving military manufacturing, microelectronics, automobile manufacturing, high-speed emu encapsulation, Iot electronic label manufacturing, thermal sensor, hard alloy, precision casting, high purity ceramics, structural ceramics and so on more than 40.
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